Peony Petals


I was practicing my daily yoga ritual one morning while a peony petal candle was spreading its sweet fragrance. As this sweet fragrance overcame the room, the apartment, and my entire Being, I was filled with the striking beauty of life. I was in a place of peace, calm, tranquility and bliss.

The inspiration this candle and its fragrance gave me was to aspire to be sweet and fragrant wherever I go. I asserted to strive and spread my fragrance to those whose lives touch mine.

I had a magical experience immediately afterwards, when a client who came to me for a session walked out with several insights of her own. She felt free, clear, light and had released a bunch of old beliefs, habits, patterns that were not necessarily serving her.

I am grateful for the endless and continued supply of the most amazing candles from my youngest daughter who gifts them to me on a regular basis. She deserves to receive a big thank you from the innermost recesses of my heart. Gratitude dear one!

What will you declare to let go this week? What will you strive to achieve from a place of knowing, rigor and awareness?


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