"Many of us learn to construct a clear and precise vision of what we want, but we’re never taught how to enjoy what we actually have. There will always be more victories to strive for, more strangers to charm, more images to collect and pin to our vision boards. It’s hard to want what we … Continue reading ENOUGH-NESS


Have you noticed what we think when we are being spoken to in a manner that makes us feel stressed and contracted in our body? My practice this week with myself has been to consciously block out thoughts that arise from uncomfortable or difficult conversations. I am in charge. I am monitoring my thoughts. I … Continue reading BRINGING RIGOR TO YOUR THOUGHTS

Burning the EGO

The ego is a powerful tool that helps us take care of ourselves in a healthy manner. We know when to stand up for ourselves and when to push it back back to its rightful spot. It is quite the balancing act. This week, I’ve had some experiences where I felt that I was getting … Continue reading Burning the EGO

Noticing my inner narrative

The focus this week has been to support clients to become more conscious of their inner narrative. What happens in our body when we are worrying about the future? Do we experience contraction, limitations? How does this affect our emotional realm? I’d request you to focus on expanding your inner narrative in order to support … Continue reading Noticing my inner narrative


The analogy of the lotus is what I’ve been pondering over this week. The lotus stands pretty above the dirt and muck below. I have focused on the values that I strive to live by rather than getting pulled down by others’ drama and circus. I have strived to see the light within myself despite … Continue reading LOTUS

Learning the Art of Surrender

There is nowhere I'd rather be. There is no one I'd rather be with There is nothing I'd rather be doing Take me where you want me to go Let me meet who you want me to meet Tell me what you want me to say then keep me out of the way The above … Continue reading Learning the Art of Surrender

Rilke’s poetry translated by Robert Bly

Rilke’s poetry translated by Robert Bly This clumsy living that moves lumbering as if in ropes through what is not done, reminds us of the awkward way that a swan walks. And to die, which is the letting go of the ground we stand on and cling to every day, is like the swan, when … Continue reading Rilke’s poetry translated by Robert Bly

Last post of the year

"Blaze your own glittery, sparkly, fiery, shimmering path. Surround yourself with the things that make you shine. Create your bubble and thrive in it.” – Cara Alwill Leyba The above quote seems appropriate to be the last post of this year. This is the time when many of us reflect over the year that’s slipping … Continue reading Last post of the year


This quote has been at the center of many conversations this week. We often doubt ourselves, punish and beat ourselves when things don’t go as planned. Let us remind ourselves of this simple quote by Eckhart Tolle when clouds are lurking above us. I send each one of you my very best wishes for a … Continue reading YOU ARE THE SKY