The Corona virus knocked at our doors totally unannounced in February of 2020.
To shake us and help to awaken us.
All tough times, suffering, and crisis.
Arrive with a message.
For those who are willing to hear and transform.
I started a deep transformation process.
Diving deeper within.
To unlock the mysteries and secrets.
That my soul had been yearning for forever and ever.
Till this year when the children both paid me a visit after 18 months.
All of us reunited, transformed and grateful.
For all the bounties that life has given us.
Looking back, I am supremely grateful for this long separation.
To be able to appreciate each other more.
Without taking the other for granted.
My heart sings and dances with joy.
With all the fun trips, meals, hikes and cycling marathons that we enjoyed together.
It feels like I have received a booster dose of vitamin children.
To keep me going.
Till we see each other again soon, very soon.

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