As I sit in prayer, contemplation this morning, the one word that comes to me is LOVE. It is indeed a powerful emotion, once learnt it can work wonders. The more you give of it, the better you feel. How are you going to love this week? Will you marinate love with expectations? Or will … Continue reading LOVE

Staying Present

As I’m observing clients, friends at holiday events and end of year sessions I am noticing many of them are already in the future. Some are nervous about the holidays, some feel overwhelmed and some are busy finishing off their last minute duties hurriedly. They speak fast, they speak loud, they are simply rushing around. … Continue reading Staying Present

Find stillness in your busyness

As I’m winding down after a busy yet productive week, the mantra that I’ve found myself repeating a lot is to find the stillness in the busyness. How can we manage these two opposites? This is the paradox of life. Once we learn this, we are playing on the field of life. Magic reveals itself … Continue reading Find stillness in your busyness

Weekend Post

The question many of us often ask ourselves. Am I good enough, clever enough, capable enough, pretty enough, thin enough? This question helps us stay focused towards becoming a better version of ourselves. The quality that differentiates the doer from the over thinker is that he acknowledges this thought/fear and is constantly doing his best. … Continue reading Weekend Post

Ferocious Fearlessness

(A magyar fordítás lent található.) This week’s conversations with clients have revolved around fear. My question to them has been: What does ferocious fearlessness mean to you? My experience with working through fear has been total and complete surrender with tremendous faith totally immersed in the present moment. It has worked magically. I am extremely … Continue reading Ferocious Fearlessness

Weekend Post

Breathe, let go, enjoy a rose cup of tea and strive to be like a rose that spreads its fragrance everywhere. Notice the mind wandering and learn to reframe, re-create. Namaste, Prerna   Vegyél mély levegőt, engedd el, élvezz egy csésze rózsa teát, és törekedj rá, hogy olyan legyél, mint a rózsa, ami mindenhol ott … Continue reading Weekend Post

Weekend Post

I share these words that have overcome me this week. Farida bura da bhala kar Gussa Mann na handa Dehi rog na lagayi Pale sabh khich paye Our ancient texts taught us to let go of anger. Once we do so, our bodies are purified, disease free. Our laps are showered with peace, joy, calm … Continue reading Weekend Post

Weekend Post

I facilitated  a training at a prestigious financial institution this week. And many participants reverted how easy the transformation work seems but in practice it is quite challenging. I urge each one of my followers to start somewhere. Take small steps and make little progress without judgment and self criticism. In the spirit of service … Continue reading Weekend Post

Weekend Post

We compensate our inadequacies by wearing thick masks. Are you willing to break through these solid masks and dance with flexibility, vulnerability and ferocious fearlessness?? Give it a go and notice the freedom this brings forth. Namaste, Prerna