Weekend Post


The weather in Budapest is simply beautiful. Spring seems to be here and people are out and about enjoying the nice weather. One such sunny morning, as I was heading over to my client’s offices, I saw a young lad dragging his dog back home. The little puppy wanted to play with his mates in the park and enjoy the sunshine and the scents of spring. He resisted obeying his owner.

I stopped for a few minutes to watch this story unfold. It was quite a funny sight.

Aren’t we similar? We constantly resist and fight the status quo. We cause ourselves turbulence, anxiety. We worry over matters that we have no control over.

I noticed this week how my mind resisted being in the present. As I was reminded of the cute puppy’s behavior, I gently brought my mind back to the current moment.

I encourage you all to do the same.

What will your strategy and image be to shift your mindset?



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