It was a beautiful late fall morning when I went for a walk amidst nature this week. An extremely loud and unpleasant noise drew my attention to workers sweating as they broke stone. I thought about how our unhealthy and unproductive habit patterns are exactly like that piece of stone that refused to budge. Why do we do so? We get used to patterns, narratives, habits, and practices that cause us to suffer again and again. The jackhammer of life is attempting to help us change. Sadly, we are in the ferris wheel of ups and downs. When will this be enough for us? What can help us break out of this?
My first tip is to start becoming aware of ourselves, our surroundings, and our relationships. Let us start listening more and speaking less. This is the first step to start understanding others, their perceptions, actions and ways of being.
Practicing this for a few weeks shall bring about a big change in your internal environment.


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