Wet Suit


One of my clients, a leader at a multinational organization spoke at 100 miles an hour without a pause. After he stopped tor a breath of air, I took the opportunity to reflect back his fears and anxieties coming across. I asked him to move out of his chair and reflect on his words. The transformation of his energy was magical to witness. He calmed down and instantly recognized how wound up he was.

I brought in the metaphor of wearing a wet suit that helps us weather the waves that arise from the ocean and go right back into the ocean from where they originate. Are we going to appreciate the rich life that lives below the ocean? Are we willing to learn and ride on the waves of turmoil and turbulence when we feel smitten with feelings, thoughts that take us away from center?

What is your wet suit strategy going to be? This might be an useful resource in the volatile times that we are all going through.



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