Wet Suit

One of my clients, a leader at a multinational organization spoke at 100 miles an hour without a pause. After he stopped tor a breath of air, I took the opportunity to reflect back his fears and anxieties coming across. I asked him to move out of his chair and reflect on his words. The … Continue reading Wet Suit


(A magyar forditás lent található) A very happy and blessed new year to each one of my tribe. I hope you all had lovely times with your near and dear ones. What tools did you use to stay centered this holiday season? Mine was a pretty simple one. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love towards others, dignity … Continue reading LOVE CONQUERS

Fear of Inadequacy

(A magyar forditás lent található) It is simply the nature of life that we experience feelings of inadequacy and insecurity from time to time. The work is to observe this and gently, kindly remind ourselves of our accomplishments in a spirit of gratitude and humility. Building up the trust that each one of us has … Continue reading Fear of Inadequacy