Weekend Post

My week began with a part of my tooth breaking off. It was extremely uncomfortable and my tongue was in danger of being cut or bitten by the sharpness of the broken tooth. I was required to work and speak during the day and noticed huge discomfort. I was extremely blessed to receive an emergency appointment with my dear dentist who was working that afternoon. I was thankful to not have to reschedule any work-related appointments.

As the day passed in discomfort, I recognized yet again how blessed we are with the human body. Every small part works seamlessly and in harmony. When sickness hits us, something begins to malfunction.

My takeaway is as follows: As humans, we try to control and micromanage every aspect of our lives. In turn, we end up jeopardizing our well-being. The power that keeps the world going is perfectly capable of taking care of us.

Why do we interfere? What will your small practice be to recognize when you are going against nature and doing yourself more harm than good?



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