Noticing My Triggering Patterns


I had a call this week where I was being challenged and grilled even though the intention of the person was very kind. I noticed a contraction in my stomach, my default setting of not being good enough and unworthy was secretly activated. I noticed becoming border line defensive, a bit annoyed. I thought I had practiced enough over the past 7 years ever since this pattern had been uncovered when I went to coaching school. Obviously not! We are given lessons from the Universe to develop and grow.

I observed myself from the outside, took a few conscious breaths and started to ‘be’ from a space of dignity and self worth.

The first step was to notice, the second was to ask myself the possibilities that I might be sabotaging as a result of this pattern within me. The conversation ended magically, I thanked the friend that I was talking to for the kind intention and the learnings of the conversation.

What pattern dominates your way of Being? What will your alarm bell be this week?


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