AHA Moment

coffee 1

I was comfortably settled into a coaching conversation at one of my favorite locations – the coffee shop at Margaret Island. I always find it so tranquil and peaceful there and an ideal location to coach.

Towards the end of my coaching conversation, I noticed one of the waitresses approaching our table, smiling ear to ear. We had a sweet conversation and since she hadn’t seen me since the beginning of the year, she wished me a happy new year even though it was already the middle of February.

It struck me almost immediately that I find so much joy and gratitude in these precious moments. The social connections that I have created in this magical city help me survive and thrive through the difficult moments when I miss my girls who both live so far away from me.

Life brings its challenges but I choose to consciously focus on the select moments that keep me going.

What will you consciously choose and create this week?



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