Paradox Humor Change


One of my dear friends was going through a traumatic period in her life last year. Her mum was very ill with just a few months to live. A short while after losing her mum, we celebrated her daughter’s wedding. I was reminded of this story today when a client shared with me how she attended a funeral of a close relative as well as a wedding of another dear friend within the span of a couple of days. The 3 words that come to me are paradox, humor and change from the book ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Millman.

Life is a paradox. We are in constant flux. One day we can be up and the next day we can be at a rock bottom low.

I find myself centered when I can accept the paradox of life with lightheartedness, staying detached and rooted in the present moment. What will your practice be for this week my dear readers?

Prerna 🙏 

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