Summer evenings on the banks of the Danube

Picture Courtesy Raul Palacios Gamez

I especially love my summer evenings when I can take a walk on the banks of the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. I feel incredibly blessed to live in this beautiful city. On one such evening, as I was doing a walking meditation and listening to meditative music, I noticed the beautiful color of the sky, lighting up one building after another. It was a magical experience.

Looking at this view unravel before my eyes, I found myself asking Source Energy to shower on me the light of discernment with sharpness and clarity.

What does this mean, many might ask? I strive to live out of a place of heightened self awareness whereby I am able to understand what fills my container and what empties it. The mind is an amazing tool that we as humans possess to transcend unwholesome thoughts, emotions and ways of Being. We can do this using the sharpness of the tool of discernment.

What will each of you promise to strive towards this week?

Please reach out or write out a comment if you need further clarity.


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