Empty Boat

This short story has been pervading my Being these last weeks. Please read, absorb and reflect on what your triggers are, how could you be more aware of these, and how you could slowly succeed in transcending the so called destructive patterns of behavior. This story has surely shown me some of my patterns, which … Continue reading Empty Boat

Weekend Post

  The body is a powerful tool and resource which many of us are unaware of. It helps us tap into the wisdom that each one of us has within us. I share with you a short body practice this week. Please sit back for a few minutes and soak in.   Video Credits: Business … Continue reading Weekend Post

Ball Of Light Marco Island Beach is a photograph by Rich Franco


Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya Lead me from darkness to Light. The prayer that comes to me repeatedly is the above. This has been the one practice that my Being has been indulging in this week. I have focused on my heart chakra and there’s a lightness of Being. I urge you to practice. Your life, Being, … Continue reading Prayer

Weekend Musings

The mind and intelligence are necessary tools to conduct our lives. The error we humans make is to abuse these tools when we recognize that life is not moving in accordance to the way our mind and intelligence expect. This is when we must learn the tool of detachment, surrender and the art of simply … Continue reading Weekend Musings

Find stillness in your busyness

As I’m winding down after a busy yet productive week, the mantra that I’ve found myself repeating a lot is to find the stillness in the busyness. How can we manage these two opposites? This is the paradox of life. Once we learn this, we are playing on the field of life. Magic reveals itself … Continue reading Find stillness in your busyness

Weekend Post

These words by Lao Tzu resonate with my Being these last days. "One who understands others has knowledge One who understands himself has wisdom  Mastering others requires force  Mastering the self is strength" What will you do to become strong and master the self this week? My practice has been to be a rigorous soldier … Continue reading Weekend Post

Weekend Post

Breathe, let go, enjoy a rose cup of tea and strive to be like a rose that spreads its fragrance everywhere. Notice the mind wandering and learn to reframe, re-create. Namaste, Prerna   Vegyél mély levegőt, engedd el, élvezz egy csésze rózsa teát, és törekedj rá, hogy olyan legyél, mint a rózsa, ami mindenhol ott … Continue reading Weekend Post

Weekend Post

I share these words that have overcome me this week. Farida bura da bhala kar Gussa Mann na handa Dehi rog na lagayi Pale sabh khich paye Our ancient texts taught us to let go of anger. Once we do so, our bodies are purified, disease free. Our laps are showered with peace, joy, calm … Continue reading Weekend Post

Weekend Post

Please stop for a few minutes this weekend and observe the magic unfolding in your life on a daily basis. Consciously bring to your attention as to how the success or failure in your life so far has helped you become the person you are today. Let this seep into every cell of your Being … Continue reading Weekend Post


Clients inspired me to create practices after my sessions with them. I’ve now uploaded these for everybody’s benefit. I declared and set an intention 6 years ago to be in service. I feel blessed that I do so every day of my life since then. Hope you enjoy these practices and benefit from them. Click … Continue reading Practices