Weekend Post

One of my clients was brought up in a traditional, conservative family setting. He has a robust set of values and strives to lead a mindful conscious life. He finds it extremely challenging when some of his peers do not lead with the same style and then questions himself as his self doubt creeps in. He ends up feeling guilty, which affects his well being.

The following quote by Socrates helped him shift and understand how his belief system dictates his actions.

‘Obscurity is dispelled by augmenting the light of discernment rather than attacking the darkness’

We act by default which does not serve us many times. Once we learn to use and augment the power of discernment, we act differently.

My client let go of his expectations towards his colleagues, he worked on accepting them just as they were.

Having understood this, he is now beginning to experience well being and balance. He does not get frustrated because he serves his needs first. As a rule of thumb, he gives himself dignity before he acts.

Research shows that new habits and patterns are formed by way of repetition, despite our default patterns working hard to sabotage our well being.

I am sure this resonates with a lot of us. What are you going to resolve and discern this week?

See you next week!



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