As I was preparing for the Hindu New Year and Festival of Lights coming up this weekend, I asked myself what I’d like to change permanently in my being as my offering to the Divine. I declared almost instantly that I’d like to continue serving with zero expectations. I aspire to reach a stage where … Continue reading THE LIGHT OF SERVICE


We have had an eventful week helplessly watching events unfolding. This has triggered a deep sadness in my soul for the loss of common human values of kindness, compassion, mutual trust, and respect towards each other. These qualities seem to be dwindling fast as the language of hate, separation, and divisiveness are becoming mainstream. I … Continue reading CO-CREATING COMMON SHARED VALUES


I feel so so immensely blessed and humbled with the transformation that many of my clients go through as a result of my coaching. This is the best reward that I could ask for. Several conversations this week have triggered within me the image of Alcatraz, the prison and lighthouse in San Francisco. Many of … Continue reading ALCATRAZ


"Life holds a magical mirror to help us observe, learn, grow, and finally practice its learnings." For me, my desire to be in service must be focused on those who truly want to grow. I must learn to help others by examining the need with the facts in question instead of offering unwanted advice. Doing … Continue reading LEARNINGS


Many of you know my love for fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables that I pick up weekly at the farmers’ market close to my home in Budapest. I miss these visits during the winter months. Last weekend, I picked up a few imperfect looking tomatoes. However, the food that those tomatoes produced has been superbly … Continue reading EMBRACING IMPERFECTION

2020 Challenges

Dear All Many of my conversations this week have been around planning for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do so due to the uncertainty around COVID 19. What strikes me is how we are being pushed to focus on the present moment with full attention and gratitude. … Continue reading 2020 Challenges


My thoughts this week: As we are mentally preparing for the second wave of the pandemic to potentially hit us once again, I have been consciously offering gratitude for all the small mercies that I have received as gifts during this rather unusual year. I am also sending out a message of strength and hope … Continue reading POWER COCKTAIL


The post COVID world is changing rapidly and we must adapt and adjust to be able to thrive. Many of us have been wearing masks in order to comply with the latest WHO recommendations to help stop the spread of the virus. A thought that came up for me connecting masks to my work is … Continue reading FAULTY MASKS


Dear Treasures, I would like to share with you another one of my rituals that has proven to bring me gratitude, joy, happiness, peace, and bliss. Many of you know about my Saturday morning visits to the farmers' market during the spring, summer, and fall months. I pick up my fruits and vegetables for the … Continue reading MY RITUAL 2

My Ritual

My Lovely Beings, I love my small rituals on an everyday basis. I’d like to share one such ritual with you this week. As I’m getting ready to do my morning yoga practice, I light candles all over the room. The room also fills with the aroma of lavender that I light in a diffuser. … Continue reading My Ritual