Saturday Musings


I remember meeting with a car accident when I had just learnt driving. The experience was traumatic and not my fault. It was truly an unlucky experience. My 2 princesses who were 2 and 5 then were sitting in the back with me. They were stricken with fear and it was heartbreaking to see their little faces. I clearly recall doubting my abilities to drive and wanted to stop driving. It took a lot of courage to get over this fear and hit the road once again which I did successfully.

Our failures get registered in the brain and inhibits us to try again. It requires courage, discipline and a bag full of motivating self talk to go against this initial factory setting.

What will your practice be this week to bring courage, discipline and motivational self talk to consciously pursue your dreams, passions, desires? Create a new default setting to replace the one you are born and raised with.


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