COVID 19 learnings continued….

I recently spoke to a client who has been working with me for a few years now. She is a perfectionist and is in her comfort zone when she has the knowledge that she is giving her absolute best. Under the current circumstances, she is unable to have this knowledge. Organizations are figuring out ways … Continue reading COVID 19 learnings continued….

COVID 19 learnings continued….

“Why are you carrying your luggage on your head?” A passenger asked another one on a train. “Because it’s mine.” “But the train carries everyone’s luggage, and it’s carrying you, so who do you think you are to carry yours individually?” This story came to my mind this week as I am witnessing the unfolding … Continue reading COVID 19 learnings continued….

COVID 19 learnings continued….

I woke up one morning during lockdown with a feeling of resistance and revolt within me. I was taken aback as to what was going on within me. Unease, unrest, and the rebel in me was wide awake. As I carried out my centering practices and morning exercises like a human robot, the noise was … Continue reading COVID 19 learnings continued….


A client recently messaged me how grateful she is to COVID 19. She could not forgive persons who had wronged her in the past and she harbored grudges for a very long time. The onset of COVID has shifted her priorities, she wrote to me. She is rethinking and reprioritizing her relationships and recognizes the … Continue reading FORGIVENESS DURING COVID 19

Detachment and surrender challenged.

Dear Treasures Hope you are doing well under these special circumstances. This week, I’d like to share my personal journey from the last few weeks. As many of you know, I am a big fan of detaching and surrendering. COVID-19 triggered within me an uneasiness, an effect it has probably had over many. Upon reflection, … Continue reading Detachment and surrender challenged.

Which direction are you being pushed towards?

Dear Treasures, It is so very interesting to see how resilient and strong we are as a human race. We will be entering the 4th week of self isolation. It seemed quite difficult to begin with. There still is an impending sadness and heaviness around us. On the other hand, I have the sense based … Continue reading Which direction are you being pushed towards?

Coping Mechanisms

Dear Treasures, Hope you’re all doing as best as possible at the end of this first work from home week. I have been supporting my clients virtually. I’m practicing tremendous heartfelt gratitude every minute of the day. I am doing my very best to hold you all in blessed and sacred space during our conversations. … Continue reading Coping Mechanisms


As we are living through these extraordinary, unusual times, I am struck with a powerful sense of gratitude. I have been stocking up on a few extra groceries while keeping in mind to leave supplies for others as well. Many of you who know about my minimalist approach to life are well aware of how … Continue reading GRATITUDE AND PRIVILEGE


"The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is. When the mind is perfectly clear, what is is what we want." — Byron Katie When we embrace ‘what is’ our minds become clear and we pursue our journeys with acceptance, faith and surrender. Suffering then becomes optional - … Continue reading SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL

Enough-ness Continued

“He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough” - Lao Tzu Are you willing to bring this knowledge into your conscious practice? I experience peace and calm when I sit grounded in this knowing. I find myself going with the flow rather than against the tide. I also experience Abundance in several … Continue reading Enough-ness Continued