Get out of your way

(A magyar ford√≠t√°s lent tal√°lhat√≥.) My conscious practice and mantra this week has been ‚Äėto get out of my way‚Äô.¬† I consciously practiced this when I noticed irritation or annoyance at others‚Äô behaviors on the street as I was biking around. Every time, the persons that triggered a judgment internally within me turned around, smiled, … Continue reading Get out of your way

Weekend Post

Treasures Obscurity is dispelled by augmenting the light of discernment rather than attacking the darkness-Socrates. We all have the wisdom to discern. All we must do is to practice Being and tap into the creative, resourceful and wise genius that sits within each one of us. Have a splendid weekend, Prerna  

Weekend Post

A group from Taiwan called ‚ÄėGIVE‚Äô was giving away art prepared by budding artists with beautiful themes this week by the stunning Hungarian parliament building. ¬†Each one had to put their names in a hat and 3 names were pulled out at the the top of the hour during the evening hours. Their main objective … Continue reading Weekend Post

I choose to live life on my terms

FREE OF GUILT FREE OF SHAME FREE OF BLAME I CHOOSE TO LIVE LIFE ON MY TERMS   Megszabadulni a bŇĪntudatt√≥l Megszabadulni a sz√©gyentŇĎl Megszabadulni a hib√°ztat√°st√≥l Azt v√°lasztottam, hogy a saj√°t szab√°lyaim szerint √©lem az √©letem

Weekend Post

(A magyar ford√≠t√°s lent tal√°lhat√≥.) My inner critic was loud and noisy creating turbulence this week when I chose to disrespect my boundaries and ran myself to the ground. I experienced guilt, shame and harsh judgment towards self. I spent every minute with awareness and consciousness paying absolutely little or no attention to the messy … Continue reading Weekend Post

We are what we practice

"As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate … Continue reading We are what we practice

Weekend Post

An everlasting impact of kindness and care turns into love. Create that consciously in your Being today. Namaste, Prerna     Az √∂r√∂kk√©val√≥ hat√°sa a kedvess√©gnek √©s t√∂rŇĎd√©snek szeretett√© v√°ltozik. Teremtsd meg ezt ma tudatosan a l√©tez√©sedben. Namaste, Prerna

Weekend Post

Stop operating from guilt. Society is beautifully capable of instilling that in each one of us. Stay rooted in the knowing of your BEING. Practice dignity today. Namaste, Prerna   Ne cselekedj lelkiismeretfurdal√°sb√≥l! A t√°rsadalom csod√°latos m√≥don k√©pes beprogramozni mindannyiunkba. Maradj f√≥kuszban, a l√©tez√©sed tudat√°ban. Gyakorolj ma m√©lt√≥s√°got. Namaste, Prerna  


(A magyar ford√≠t√°s lent tal√°lhat√≥.) These 2¬† very simple words have been my mantra all week. We always give so much power to outside events, circumstances and situations. It renders us powerless. By saying these simple 2 words, I have felt ever so powerful and centered. Hope you exercise the power of choice this weekend. … Continue reading I CHOOSE