Weekend Post


As a follow up to my last post I urge you to make a commitment to yourself. What will you consciously practice to be kind to yourself. Please come up with a plan of action and notice how you are taken away from this. You will be surprised how the ego and mind sabotage you.

Please please practice with rigor and determination. I promise you that the results willbe magical. Do you dare to give yourself this dignity?¬†ūüėćūüėć


Az utols√≥ posztom ut√°nk√∂vet√©sek√©nt, s√ľrgetlek Titeket, hogy v√°llaljatok k√∂telezetts√©get magatokkal szemben. Mit fogsz tudatosan gyakorolni, hogy kedves legy√©l magaddal? K√©rlek, k√©sz√≠ts egy akci√≥tervet √©s vedd √©szre, hogy mit viszel el belŇĎle. Meg fogsz lepŇĎdni, hogy az eg√≥ √©s a tudat hogyan szabot√°l t√©ged.
Kérlek, kérlek, gyakorolj szigorral és elhatározottsággal. Megígérem, hogy az eredmény varázslatos lesz. Meg mered magadnak adni ezt a méltóságot?


Perfection and being nice


(A magyar fordítás lent található)

I am always striving to be perfect and kind. What I must remind myself on a continuous basis is to be truly kind to myself. And draw a line where I accept being a bit imperfect. Perfection helps us succeed in life but we must learn to know exactly at which point to stop and simply set boundaries for ourselves. When we do so, learn to discern we can communicate from a different space and establish healthy relationships without the fear of being rejected. I hope this helps you my dears in your journey.  Please feel free to write in the comments below.



Tökéletesség és kedvesség

Mindig arra t√∂rekszem,hogy t√∂k√©letes √©s kedves legyek. Amire folyamatosan eml√©keztetnem kell magam, az a saj√°t magammal val√≥ ŇĎszinte kedvess√©g. Valamint megrajzolni a vonalat, ahol elfogadom, hogy egy kicsit t√∂k√©letlen vagyok. A t√∂k√©letess√©g seg√≠t nek√ľnk abban, hogy sikeresek legy√ľnk az √©letben, de meg kell tanulnunk azt, hogy pontosan melyik ponton √°lljunk meg, √©s szabjunk hat√°rokat magunknak. Amikor ezt megtessz√ľk, megtanuljuk, hogy kommunik√°lhatunk m√°s t√©rbŇĎl √©s l√©trehozhatunk eg√©szs√©ges kapcsolatokat a f√©lelem n√©lk√ľl, hogy el lesz√ľnk utas√≠tva.
Remélem ez segít az utatokon Kedveseim. Kérlek, írj bátran kommentet.

Today’s Message to Humanity


(A magyar forditás lent található)

Please guard your well being like a vigilant policeman.

It’s natural for thoughts to attack and disturb our way¬†of being. It is our choice to be a slave to these thoughts or decide with rigor to stay grounded whilst observing these storms with kindness and care to Self.

Life is not a contest. Why do we treat it like one?

K√©rlek, ŇĎr√≠zd j√≥l√©ted, mint egy √©ber rendŇĎr.

A gondolatoknak teljesen term√©szetes, hogy megt√°madj√°k l√©tez√©s√ľnket. A Mi d√∂nt√©s√ľnk az, hogy a szolg√°i lesz√ľnk ezeknek a gondolatoknak vagy szigor√ļan eld√∂ntj√ľk, hogy harm√≥ni√°ban maradunk, m√≠g megfigyelj√ľk ezeket a viharokat kedvess√©ggel √©s gondoskod√°ssal magunk fel√©.

Az √©let nem egy verseny. Mi√©rt kezeln√©nk √ļgy, mintha az lenne?¬†




WhatsApp Image 2017-10-23 at 08.44.23

Nature does not ask for approval. It simply is.

This was the lesson for me this weekend enjoying the fall colors in Budapest.

What does it take for you to simply be? Does this mean that you give up direction and goals? Learning to separate the two might reveal something magical for you.

I urge you to explore ‚Äėbeing‚Äô in that space



Fear of Inadequacy


(A magyar forditás lent található)

It is simply the nature of life that we experience feelings of inadequacy and insecurity from time to time. The work is to observe this and gently, kindly remind ourselves of our accomplishments in a spirit of gratitude and humility. Building up the trust that each one of us has been beautifully held in the cradle of His Grace. I’m in tears when I consciously remind myself how the Lord has taken such good care of me. May you have a beautiful weekend my treasures ūüíēūüíē


EgyszerŇĪen az √©let velej√°r√≥ja, hogy idŇĎrŇĎl idŇĎre megtapasztaljuk az alkalmatlans√°g √©rz√©s√©t. A feladat az, hogy ezt felismerj√ľk, √©s gyeng√©den, kedvesen eml√©keztess√ľk magunkat a sikereinkre a h√°la √©s szer√©nys√©g szellem√©ben. Fel√©p√≠teni a bizalmat amelyet mindenki csod√°latosan mag√°ban hordoz. A szemembŇĎl kicsordulnak a k√∂nnyek, amikor tudatosan eml√©kezteten magam arra, hogy milyen j√≥l b√°nik velem az √ör. Legyen gy√∂ny√∂rŇĪ h√©tv√©g√©tek Kincseim.


My Dance with Wholeheartedness


I was walking out towards my bike following a coaching conversation with one of my dear clients. We spoke about bringing wholeheartedness in his way of being. I checked my phone and noticed a missed call from one of my dearest friends. She is an elderly lady that I love and respect. I called her back right away to hear her sweet voice and words of wisdom. I truly got to practice wholeheartedness when she started singing to me about Divine Grace a concept that is very dear to my heart. I noticed myself smiling, experiencing gratitude, joy and a feeling of dancing with wholeheartedness.

As Brother David says to David Whyte when asked about exhaustion. “The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest and relaxation, the antidote to exhaustion is living wholeheartedly”

I was amazed yet once again at the synchronicity that life brings every minute if we are willing to stop for a few seconds to soak that in consciously. I was physically tired after a whole day of activity, I refrain calling work. I enjoy creating new ways of Beings with my clients. The bike ride back home was full of smiles and an experience of fullness in my way of Being.

Where are you going to bring a sense of wholeheartedness today? Please feel to write in the comments below. What do you experience when you consciously bring this in your way of Being?




Are you willing to question and challenge your assumptions about relationships, your beliefs and stories that chain you down? Let go of your expectations about the way that you think your life must unfold and start experiencing the ease and freedom that this brings.

Life is about ease, flowing downstream and learning to accept that every experience is present to support us and help us grow.

Continue setting goals without clinging or contraction around them.

I urge you to start your day today from this space. You might be surprised!


From the Ancient Texts to Ontological Coaching


I’m sharing this with my readers. The text was downloaded in one of my quiet contemplative moments a few years ago.

This sums up beautifully the work that I do with my clients. Please feel free to ask for a 30 minute conversation free of charge if this is of interest.
The Maha Mritunjaya Mantra from the Upanishads.

A mantra that I often recite and contemplate on. I translate this as per my understanding.

Om triyambakam yajamahe

I bow to Lord Shiva, the one with the open third eye.
Meaning the awakened one

Sugandhim push ti vardhanam

May my virtues grow from more to more.
This can be done by starting to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We all have these within us, all we must do is unlock them.

Uravarukameva bandhana

May I be freed from my bondages which I understand to be in the following way.
May I be released from the genetic bondages from this life and past lives, the stories, habits, beliefs that chain us down.

Mrityo mokshiya mamratat

May I be freed from this cycle of evolution and achieve immortality. From death to the Life Eternal.

My personal experience repeating this mantra has been powerful, I have mindfully observed my monkey mind, the demons that attack each one of us and treated each of these so called negative emotions with love, dignity and compassion. Not resisting these but simply honoring them as a welcome guest and working these through. Then just like the ripened fruit or vegetable falls off the branch when it is ready, similarly we are freed from our old stories, beliefs and genetic history that is locked in our DNA. if the fruit stays on the branch after it is ripe, it simply rots. Do we wish to live with rotten patterns that have never served us?

I leave you with this question and encourage you to start a dialogue.

With humility