Ferocious Fearlessness

(A magyar fordítás lent található.) This week’s conversations with clients have revolved around fear. My question to them has been: What does ferocious fearlessness mean to you? My experience with working through fear has been total and complete surrender with tremendous faith totally immersed in the present moment. It has worked magically. I am extremely … Continue reading Ferocious Fearlessness

Weekend Post

We compensate our inadequacies by wearing thick masks. Are you willing to break through these solid masks and dance with flexibility, vulnerability and ferocious fearlessness?? Give it a go and notice the freedom this brings forth. Namaste, Prerna

Fear of Inadequacy

(A magyar forditás lent található) It is simply the nature of life that we experience feelings of inadequacy and insecurity from time to time. The work is to observe this and gently, kindly remind ourselves of our accomplishments in a spirit of gratitude and humility. Building up the trust that each one of us has … Continue reading Fear of Inadequacy