Becoming Friends with Discomfort

(A magyar fordítás lent található.) I conducted corporate trainings over the last weeks. The one common feature that I recognize in 'beings' is our desire to grasp on to joy, happiness, resist, push away what is unpleasant. Once we learn to become ok with the unpleasantness, embrace the discomfort from a space of openness and … Continue reading Becoming Friends with Discomfort


(A magyar forditás lent található) A very happy and blessed new year to each one of my tribe. I hope you all had lovely times with your near and dear ones. What tools did you use to stay centered this holiday season? Mine was a pretty simple one. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love towards others, dignity … Continue reading LOVE CONQUERS

Buddha Comes Home

(A magyar forditás lent található) A very dear and long standing friend brought me this very special piece of art this week. She went through a lot of effort to get this specially made for me by the world famous Hungarian Herend Pottery. So much gratitude! 🙏🙏 She said to me that I am a … Continue reading Buddha Comes Home

Perfection and being nice

(A magyar fordítás lent található) I am always striving to be perfect and kind. What I must remind myself on a continuous basis is to be truly kind to myself. And draw a line where I accept being a bit imperfect. Perfection helps us succeed in life but we must learn to know exactly at … Continue reading Perfection and being nice

Today’s Message to Humanity

(A magyar forditás lent található) Please guard your well being like a vigilant policeman. It's natural for thoughts to attack and disturb our way of being. It is our choice to be a slave to these thoughts or decide with rigor to stay grounded whilst observing these storms with kindness and care to Self. Life is … Continue reading Today’s Message to Humanity