Weekend Post

This is a day of celebration!
Today, we are divorcing the past
and marrying the present.
and you will find God
in every room.
Today, we are divorcing resentment
and marrying forgiveness.
and God will find you
in every tune.
Today, we are divorcing indifference
and marrying love.
Drink, and play that tambourine
against your thighs.
We have so much celebrating to do!

Kamand Kojouri

Weekend Post

Please stop for a few minutes this weekend and observe the magic unfolding in your life on a daily basis. Consciously bring to your attention as to how the success or failure in your life so far has helped you become the person you are today. Let this seep into every cell of your Being at a cellular level.

Start your week from this space. Embrace the mystery that life is bringing forth without desire to control. Notice the freedom that you will experience.


Life is Good

(A magyar fordítás lent található.)WhatsApp Image 2018-03-29 at 23.43.31

This week taught me to learn to accept some harsh and bitter realities with a big smile. What is life giving you both in your personal as well as professional domain? This is always a fantastic mirror to examine. Where can you grow as a result of challenges that you are experiencing? Are you going to be honest to yourself, have the courage/ humility to accept and face realities that are staring at you?

I encourage you to look into yourselves and be brutally transparent. This will help you transcend and reach a state of calm without getting bitter.

Life is Good. I’m always humbled at the synchronicities, serendipity and the sequence of events.



Ez a hét megtanított arra, hogy mosolyogva fogadjam a kemény és keserű valóságot. Mit ad neked az élet a magán és a szakmai életedben? Ez mindig egy fantasztikus tükör, amit érdemes megvizsgálni. Miben tudsz fejlődni a kihívások hatására, amiket tapasztalsz? Őszinte leszel magaddal, és összeszeded a bátorságod, hogy szembe nézz és elfogadd a valóságot, ami bámul rád?

Arra bátorítalak, hogy figyeld meg mi zajlik benned és légy teljesen transzparens. Ez majd segít, hogy felülemelkedj és elérd a nyugalmat keserű érzések nélkül.

Az élet jó. Én mindig alázatos vagyok a szinkronicitáesoknak, az értékek az események sorrendje felé.


New Year’s Message


Be like the honey that attracts the bees. We must take care of ourselves only and let go of others’ actions. Let nobody or nothing deter us from our path of being in service and living with purpose.