What resists persists

Dear Tribe,
What resists persists. Are you willing to let go of the clinging, the identification, the expectation and simply observe without attachment, without belief, without desire for something????
Staying in the here and now is a magical practice. Simply accepting without question. I  cannot change certain situations. Am I going to intelligently let this sink in at a visceral level? This is what comes especially for you as I sit in reflection and prayer.

Reaction to Upsets


We get so upset when we hear something bad said about us. Have we asked ourselves why? We often wish to be loved by everybody. Does it happen in real life? Is it a realistic goal?

Might we enjoy the spaciousness and lightness that we experience once we shed these expectations and assessments about ourselves. It’s quite liberating! Don’t you think so?


Balance & Yoga


The challenges that we face in our life journey can severe us and make us bitter. And we plod through life feeling let down. But just like yoga teaches us, pulling up whilst grounding down to the earth.

How could we translate this? The hardships that we face, difficult decisions that we make as a result gives us the strength and courage. At the same time, let us ground ourselves, connect to our Center and bring out the kindness that is our innate nature.

Living our busy challenging lives, let us stay focused on our tasks, making tough decisions on a daily basis yet tapping into a kindness within each one of us that is our true nature.

Curious to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



Clear lake in glasses on the background of blurred nature
The mind was giving me a good run around the last few days 🙂 🙂 🙂  I noticed without resisting, clinging. There were 2 persons. One watching the drama and the other screaming and shouting. I stayed grounded in my Being. My practices, my work which I’m totally passionate about, my wonderful family, my social connections, my commitment to take good care of myself, exercise, eating healthy, getting enough rest, my professional learning and development. This morning the magical shift happened. I was HOME. I arrived back to where I belong.
The question is are we being too selfish by having so many ,MYS’ – was I being too selfish? Which is what we are programmed to question.
I leave you with a sentence to ponder and reflect
‘Selective self interest is often confused as being overly selfish or self absorbed’
How willing are you to invest in your well being? What possibilities emerge when you do so?
Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.





One of my dear friends asked me the other day the secret of my happiness.

It got me thinking. I can compare it to me chasing my own shadow. The more I try to catch it, the farther it runs away.

Happiness to me seems similar. I recall waiting for something extraordinary to take place in my life at a subconscious level. It’s only recently that I’ve started enjoying every moment as it unfolds deliberately. The joy, the gladness, the triumph, the sorrow, the pain, the anguish. To marinate with all these emotions with no attachment.

I’ve given myself the permission to simply be the observer rather than wanting to reach a desired state.

It seems to me that my state of mind is a happy one only after I’ve let go of the strong urge to be happy. Quite paradoxical!

Hope this helps you in your journey. Please feel free to comment in the comments section below.